Master Recruitment

You run or own a successful franchise concept in your local market and wish to explore the possibilities of expanding to other countries in Europe. Your local market is getting too small. You will need to make some important choices. In which country would you be active? Do you know the local market situation and legislation? Do you want to work with an Area Developer, Master Franchisee or direct franchise. Which form of cooperation would you enter into with your franchisee? What is a reasonable entrance fee or you are entering into a joint venture. Answering these questions demands for a thorough analysis, not just of the product-market combination but also of your organisation, including financial, organisational and technology. In the network is a lot of and extensive experience with setting up new business abroad.

Thanks to a wide network of franchise consultants and brokers with years of experience, individual FPI members able to help you make the right choices. Also we can provide you with the collective knowledge of all member of the Franchise Pool International. In this way FPI combines local knowhow with a broad international perspective.

The local consultant/broker will be your single point of contact in every detail. They will advise you in every detail of going international. They can even be helpful in determining the expansion strategy. Though the network they assist with market studies, grants/finance, support the implementation of the strategy and through and finding local franchise partners.

Find interested people

For finding Masters, the FPI partners use the system most appropriate for their country or territory.

The individual partners are familiar with the use of social media. The starting point often is a portal. From there all relevant resources and media. This is done in conjunction with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram also relevant networks and contacts with professional organizations.

Into Franchise

Preparation is everything. That is especially relevant for the profile of the business partner you are going searching. The human factor is crucial to your success abroad. Not only should your local partner in another country have the relevant knowledge and skills, he or she must also fit your corporate culture and the values you stand for.

Generating leads is one thing, selecting the right candidate is something different. That is why the background, motivation, desired experience, areas of interest, entrepreneurial attitudes & behavior Visionary Ambitions vs. operational are all important elements to look for in a business partner.